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Frequently asked questions

Is my personal information shared with anyone

At foodmaestro, we respect your need for confidentiality and we will never share personal information with anyone. We do at times run reports to understand general population behaviour and needs, however this is never on a personal level and definately never uses your name, email address or anything else that uniquely identifies you. Should you still have any concerns about your data, please feel free to contact us directly with your specific question

Where can I buy the food product you show within the App

The majority of products within our app are available in major grocery stores in UK. At this stage we are unable to provide you with a list of retailers that sell these products, however this is something that we are working on.

The product information does not match the information on the pack label

You should always read the label before consuming a product. We cannot guarantee that the data is always correct as there are many factors involved including old products that may still be on the shelf, product updates that have not yet made their way from the manufacturer into our system or we got it wrong. Please contact us for any product data quality issues.

Can I create multiple profiles within the app for each member of the family

Absolutely, the Foodmaestro Food app is designed with family in mind. Create a profile by going to My Account for each member and set their individual preferences or needs. You can then scan a barcode and see who can eat and who cannot.

Can you tell me where to buy the product

Unforuntately, we cannot tell you which retailer stocks the selected product at this time, however this is something we are working on. Follow us on social media for regular updates.

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