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Looking to enhance the digital food experience?

Empower your customers by catering to their dietary needs.

Supercharge product content with our extended attributes and content activation platform to deliver a personalised, transparent, and seamless shopper experience


We can help increase your shoppers basket size by:

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mobile health


Optimising Product SEARCH

In order for a shopper to buy products online, they have to be able to find it. More than half of products shoppers would buy are typically excluded from search results. Global retailers use our Extended Attributes to ensure the right products are presented to the shopper.


healthier baskets

Respond to consumer & regulatory needs and help counter rising health epidemics related to poor diet. We enable retailers to directly influence the products in a basket & nudge healthier choices.



Deploy a comprehensive approach to product information transparency consistently across your product range. Engage your shoppers with the right data in the right place at the right time.

Personalised experience


With 10 different dietary combinations for every 13 shoppers, personalisation is key to delivering successful offering and engaging shoppers. We remove the complexity in the data and connect your shopper profiles to your products. 

Enable your Category Managers to make better decisions when assortment planning. We enable you to view the FMCG market place and analyse product information to determine gaps in the market and opportunities to deliver an assortment relevant to your shopper needs.

We enable leading health organisations deliver mobile patient support tools to educate, support and help patients manage their personal dietary pathways as recommended by their registered dietitian.


A data source agnostic platform.

Our data engine sources data from multiple locations including directly from retailers, manufacturers, data aggregators and other third parties.

Once sourced, we standardise the data into our proprietary format enabling us to serve our customers in one single consistent manner for all of their data needs.

If you have multiple data sources, we will work with you to ingest each format into a consolidated format and deliver all of our services in one standard format.

Contact us to find out more our about how we can work with your data and also the source language of your data.

Are you a Nielsen Brandbank subscriber?

Get Foodmaestro Extended Attributes in your existing Nielsen Brandbank feed

For retailers around the world who currently subscribe to Brand Approved product information from Nielsen Brandbank, you can now request FM Extended Attributes to be included in your existing feed without the need for additional change.

Our exclusive  strategic partner, Nielsen Brandbank, are able to release over 150 extended attributes within days after approval, allowing you to focus using the data and drive the business value as oppose to integrating new feeds and suppliers. Your data remains approved by brands and our extended attributes are delivered in sync with additions and changes to your product content.

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Deploy our solutions in 6 weeks

Our Extended Attributes and Content Activation Platform enables you to activate the data and deliver powerful personalisation solutions within 6 weeks.


Simply take our integration code and deploy it to your site, pass us three pieces of information in real time and build your user experience.

Our clients have seen tens of thousands of shoppers build profiles and actively use the service within weeks; delivering increased engagement, insights about the shopper needs and increased conversions.

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Connect with us to learn more

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