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Can My Cans Last? Here's a Calculator!

What do you get when a small team of remote developers and product managers discuss how many canned foods they themselves have stocked up on?

A new project idea of course! 💡

The Canned Food Calculator was born.

Our team realized that the following image looks familiar to many people:

This is because hoarding on household staples during the COVID-19 pandemic has gone far beyond toilet paper.

Worldwide, consumer grocery purchasing habits have changed significantly,including a dramatic increase of stock piling on canned foods.  

To help soothe people who are panic buying, our team quickly built a fun calculator called CanMyCansLast, to show consumers just how many meals their canned foods can last them. All it takes is inputting the amount of canned foods, how much they eat in a day and the number of members in the household.

During this time of uncertainty, we realized that launching this website was an opportunity to also create a call-to-action to donate to food-related charity.

We include a nudge to users to donate to one of four global food-related charities in need right now. Our hope is by sharing this tool across the country, we can shed some light on those in need during this extraordinary time,all while showing people just how far our cupboards can truly take us!

"As a developer, having the opportunity to be creative and light-hearted while designing something that can have a positive social impact is a total win-win.  It's been incredibly rewarding to build something that can hopefully bring a smile to someone's face and bring attention to charitable causes during this time of uncertainty."

- Tess Thornley, Full stack Developer

Try it out today, and share with your socially-distant pals! 📲

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