Finding the right foods for you.

Brand approved content enriched with our trusted data.

Searchdiscovery recommendations for food that meet your personalised lifestyle & dietary needs.





Supercharge product content with our extended attributes and content activation platform to deliver a personalised, transparent, and seamless shopper experience

Simplifying food labels and data.

Using data to transform the food shopping experience.

Find it.

Find products quickly & easily. Over 64% of products that a shopper can buy, are not displayed in online search results without Foodmaestro data.

Recommend It. 

Personalise It. 

Support healthier eating.

Help shoppers meet their health goals by recommending better products using our evidence based health scores.

Create personalised digital experience. By connecting food data & shoppers profile to create a unique experience for each shopper.

Trusted by:

How does it work?

Trust through integrity and accuracy.

Our data engine allows you to leverage various different solutions

Extended attributes

  • Enable shoppers to see all relevant products when they search or use filters on your site.

  • Provide shoppers with a wider variety of filters and search terms meeting their personal needs.

  • Provide a consistent and transparent experience on the food content.

Content activation

  • Deliver a personalised health and wellness experience for your shoppers through digital

  • Accelerate time to market by leveraging our hosted cloud plug-ins

  • We take care of the data complexity while you focus on the user experience

Data analytics

  • Identify product assortment gaps in the market place

  • Drive growth and innovation through new product development

  • Track your products against competitors

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